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Town Control Description
        Town overrun by Tigers, Wolves & Robbers. Urgent! Need a casual gamer to guide people from dying.Do you have what it takes to be a Master Guider? It is so simple to learn, yet takes time to master and thats what makes it so addictive.Just Touch citizen to see where they like to their destination. Make sure they dont come close with Tigers, Wolves & Robbers.
Greenish beauty with clutter free look & feel.
Beware of Tigers.
Snow everywhere! More buildings & People to Manage.
Beware of Wolves.
Crowded? Yes, of course. And Toughest to Manage too.
Beware of Robbers
Town Control Main features
People whom you guide:
  • Walks fast and health is good.
  • Walks little slower
  • Walks fast, Always fit in controlling beasts & robbers.
  • Little old & Little bit slow.
  • Slowest, Take special care of him.

      Apart from guiding them, You need to pay attention to their Life bar and prioritize your guiding. If you dont attend them in time, they will die.

      To Control Beasts & Robbers, Drag police and capture them.Efficient use of police helps you achieve higher scores.
Town Control