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Ant Hitter Description

             Best ant action game in the store .Now in six addictive game modes and unlimited challenging levels!Defend you hand from ants or protect your sweets or throw them in to hives or just plainly hit them, the way you like.Game modes : CLASSIC, ANT PANIC, GOLDEN ANT, SWEET WAR, TIME ATTACK, NO BREAK

  • CLASSIC : Hit ants in this progressively challenging level based game.
  • ANT PANIC : Throw ants away from your hand and avoid biting you.
  • GOLDEN ANT : Throw ants in to hive and make golden ants.
  • SWEET WAR : Keep your sweets away from ants by throwing them out of screen.
  • TIME ATTACK : Hit speedy ants as fast you can in this time based game.
  • NO BREAK: Non stop ant smashing experience without breaks.
Ant Hitter Main features

  • Realistic ant action in cool scenarios.

  • Awesome graphics with fluid animations.

  • Gamecenter Leaderboards for all capable devices.

  • All game modes have individual player ranking system based on the highest level/Score achieved.

  • Your rank naturally improves along with your skill as you play again and again, thats what makes anthitter so addictive.

Ant Hitter Screen Shots