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Fruited Description

             Awesome puzzle game with addictive gameplay and online game scores.

      If you have got bored with similar games like bejeweled or if you want more funnier and entertaining match game, Fruited is here for you.

      Its gameplay is better than other similar games with lot of creative fun involving monkeys, squirrels & worms.
Introduces three new game modes along with our Original(Classic) game mode as below.
  • Our popular move timeout based game mode.
  • Clear as many fruits in given time.
  • Get a peak score and defend it.
  • Save & Play until you want to stop.
  • Fruited Main features
    • Play this fantastic fruit swapping game, well suited for iPhone/iPod Touch screen with mouth watering fruits.
    • Animated monkeys are mischievous, but when you form a nice combo of fruits adjacent to them, they will clear all surrounding fruits.
    • Animated squirrels clears all fruits in a row or column, if you excite them with a nice combo of fruits adjacent to them.
    • Game is presented in a interesting move timeout based format with a life lost for each time out.
    • Diffrent mode & Unlimited levels! Complexity of the game increases progressively from level to level. Could you ever reach Level10? well let's see!!!
    Fruited Video From You Tube